Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 Things to know about Women

Women have nice boobs ~ funny pictureBoys eyes fell on heavens!

For First nine facts, i leave it for my users and hope they will share their secrets that whats they found and what are facts which we should know about women. can anyone please let me know what they are ? It should be fun, surely i will add on at here and will give credit to that guy.

Like i find out that Asian girls IQ are too good as compare with blonde’s. oh please let me wrong on that point, if you are disagree

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Snakemaster26 said...

#1) I think that what girls want the most is respect. They deserve it.
#2) We men have a duty to show chivalry toward them and to protect their honor.
#3) It is NOT and I repeat It is NOT just the outward apperance of a person that matters. It is also the inward makeup of the person.

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