Sunday, August 26, 2007

My new keyboard

keyboardIt's the next generation of computer keyboards

Computer Rolls Royce

comp rollsThe Rolls Royce of all computers

No parking at all

parkingIf you don't understand, you are a blind driver.

Crazy hair style

hairsyleBeautifull girl, beautifull hair, but a crazy hairstylist

Destroy the computer


Cheetah girl

womanUgly girl/woman who thinks she is a cheetah.

Protect your valuables

assetsGirl goodies

Sexy Woman picture

Sexy WomanI love her. Looks like she loves to have fun.

Stupid boy with stupid game

stupid boyDon't waste your life!

VISTA install

vista is funnyBroken Edition

Filter Devil

smoke funny

Funny Mission Impossible

Funny Mission ImpossibleResults 1 - 50 of about 1,120,000 from for Mission Impossible.

Go Mobile

funny cellwater proof cell phone

Car surfing

Car surfing funCar surfing = illegal extreme sport.
No bullshit! People just love it.

Elephant smile

elephant smileMan vs. Elephant

Coca Cola

Coca ColaSo! That's Coca Cola Secret!

Rhino Car

Fun Rhino CarCan be fun to have a rhino car?
Just if you are a clown!

Zebra solution

Zebra solutionI hope he has enough gas.

Gillette - Razor Fusion

Funny Gillette - Razor FusionI'm happy to present you
the fusion between Gillette razor and your face.

Batman Art

Batman ArtBatman Art is inspiring

Highway to heaven

Highway to heavenHave fun driving your car to heaven, but remember
It's a one-way street!

Please do not smoke

Please do not smokeIf you want to smoke, you might think again...

Eagle Landing

Eagle LandingThe eagle is a legendary big bird,
although few people have seen one in the wild.
But in your house he can get your paper :))

Minority Report

Minority Report on Brothers

Sony Laptop Power

Sony Laptop Powerdamn... this laptop is really big

Funny Logitech Mouse

Funny Logitech MouseA cool mouse from Logitech
is always welcome to my pad.

Funny Turtle

Funny petFri Jun 23 - World's oldest tortoise, dies aged 176.
God rest her soul

Funny Ant

Funny AntHard work

Ants can carry food that is five times larger than their own weight.


WARNING SIGNlethal combination - car + tent + crazy woman

Nice Shirt

Nice ShirtTruth about teets

Lonely Woman Pillow

Funny PillowFor all the lonely hearts in Japan.
There was invented the boyfriend pillow for single women

Bear birthday party

Birthday party picture

Baby fun

Baby fun

Funny Dog

Horn dog

Lego Land

Isn't it real?

Looking For Computer Engineers

Call us

Mail Box

Mail Box on MAC


the flash might be on

Funny Sale

Funny Sale pretty sure this is illegal

Funny Sale

Funny Sale pretty sure this is illegal

Ice Karate

Is this guy falling or what ?

Busted Ninja

Busted NinjaNinja Turtle busted! I wonder what he did?
Cops are stupid ?

Big Momma's Funny Picture

Big MommaBig Momma is having a lot of fun with her food

Funny Kiss

Funny KissPractice, Practice, Practice
Get it right!
But please use a real woman...
Biggest French Kiss Trainer and Kiss the pig contest

I hate you

I hate youDo you love your computer?
If Yes.....How much?

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