Sunday, July 15, 2007

American Dog

dogu are a patriot?
4 stupid dogs


Walking Dog

who's walking your dog ?

Puppy in glass

Puppy in glassthis puppy look so sad :(

Sexy Pudel

Sexy PudelDamn! I'm so sexy!

Dog ride

Dog ridehow fast can you run ?

Big Dog

Big DogCute Big Dog - Full of Love

Pick-up your Dog

Pick-up your Doghe looks so sad :(

Dog turn

Dog turnwaiting and waiting

Yo-Yo Play

Yo-Yo Playit's so simple!
Up and down..up and down..

Little puppy

Little puppyTired little puppy!

Dog and puppy

Dog and puppyMother and son

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossiblethe new star acting in Mission Impossible

Bad bad puppy

Bad bad puppyplease!!!! not on my laptop!!!

Falling asleep

Dog Falling asleepthis dog is really tired

Love to ride

Dog driverI love Speeding!

Dogs and Beer

Dog BeerDon't give the dog beer!

Watching Adult Movies

Dog watchingI love this dog!

Dog prayer

Dog watching"Heavenly father upabove let him drop that meat I love!"” - Ben Reid

Puppy kissing kitty

Puppy kissing kittymaking friends
Seems to be a first date...

Big Dog and Tiny Kitty

Puppy kissing kittymaking friends - remake
See one stupid dog My ball

Captain Dog

Captain DogLook! I can do it with one hand!

Beach Dog

Beach Dogmmmm... I'm so relaxed!

Instant Cats Food

cats foodYou are hungry ?

Woman - Puppy and Man - Dog

man dog


Dog Balls

dog ballsThis dog has 5 balls ! :))

Puppy Wash

puppysWhat cleaner did he used ?

Dog fly without ticket

dog flyHe did not yet have a pilot's license.

Superman Puppy

Superman PuppySuperman Returns and It's a PUPPY !!!
Sport Dog


twinsthey could be twins ?

Snoop dog

snoop dogthis could be real ?

Horse dog

horse dogit runs like a horse ?

Run puppy ! Run !

run dogHow many legs do you see ?

International Dog Show

dog showNice aim

Dog protection

protectionkeep it healthy

Good dog training

dog trainingwho is his trainer?

Dog driver

Comment this driver


Comment this

Classic Hot Dog

About Hot Dog

Happy dog secs


Pink puppy

Pink puppy

Jedi copy


Damn dog

Comment puppydid u forget something ?

Dog Smoke

Dog Smoke

Sleepy dog

Sleepy  dogSleepy dog

Damn Dog

Comment this dog

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