Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cat City

Cat CityCat City or City of Cats?

My best friend

best friendsWho said that dogs don't like cats ?

Black Cat White Cat

Black Cat White CatI don't think that Emir Kusturica was thinking at these cats
when he directed the movie.

Cats conquerors

Cats conquerorsTwo cats who conquered a dog!
Good for them!

Lost Cat

KittyHey kitty ... how did you get there?

Devil Cat

Devil CatFunny Devil Cat waiting for her food

Green Cat

Funny catIf you love cats you must love this Green Cat

Beds for cats

Beds for catsDo you have a broken monitor ? Do you think is junk?
Think again... and make a bed for your cat

Little red cat

red catLittle red cat - so small, so cute... just great
but it's not mine :(

Ha ha cat

Ha ha catone cat who can't stop laughing

Black Cat

Black Cat"I'm so cool with my new sunglasses!"
Tiger family in love Cat City

The Singing Cat

The Singing CatAll cats can sing, but this cat is the best educated!

Cat Bomb

Cat BombFunny Cat Bomb
Sometimes cats can be really stupid...

3 sleeping cats

3 sleeping catsCats said: "It's so hooot... so... we are sooo sleepy...."
4 kittens and Mother with Children
Did you know ? I think almost every cat is funny :D

Bikini Fun

Something funnyI'm very interested about the beach...
I just what to play and have some fun
Nice girls Change your life

I hate you

I hate youDo you love your computer?
If Yes.....How much?

Fun for children

Fun for childrenFrom the doun of our lives...
children are like monkeys... they imitates grown ups
17 remain dead ! and 25 Kids & Still ....

Cops are stupid ?

CopsAnother picture from the "stupid cop collection"
Police Hideout

Funny Kiss

Funny KissPractice, Practice, Practice
Get it right!
But please use a real woman...
Biggest French Kiss Trainer and Kiss the pig contest

Beer Liquor Wine Junk Joke

beer liquor

I am sure this happened with you surely in your life if you beer belly lover. I missing my old Mexico friends words “beer is good” for health, if you use to take daily routine limitation with the girls on pub bar. :P but some people cant control !

Funny Video - Waterbed testing

Matrix ping pong table game

Mud Wrestling Videos Girls 2007

Mud Wrestling Videos Girls 2007

Mud wrestling have quite famous though in big boy party, bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs. One of funny video i have just seen and post it here. I knew about it when i played “Rumble Roses” playstation games where on one stage wrestlers can have a mud wrestling 2007 match. Usually its fight between two hot girls wrestle while wearing minimal clothing, with the intention of presenting an entertaining spectacle. now in college picnic trip, its one of famous games for young generation (College girls). :p Well, it can remind me suddenly some great event where people love to do pudding war and mashed potatoes war.

Just like at the Dinner Table - Funny Picture

just like dinner table

White Rabbit ? No its Chocolate Bunnies

easter bunny, bunnies, chocolate bunnies

Jesus Christ Optical Illusion

One more wonderful Jesus Optical Illusion, i got it! Just stare a 10 seconds and you will see lord jesus christ!

Jesus illusion, Jesus, Optical Illusion

Will You Marry Me ?

no survivor

Yahoo Chat Rooms

yahoo chat rooms

Pumpkin Patch

sick pumpkin, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffinpumpkin, pumpkin picture, pumpkin carving, pumpkin patch

Funny Kid

funny kids, funny things kid say, funny kid pic, funny kid riddlesfunny kids, funny kid joke, funny kid picture, funny kid facefunny kid riddles

Funny Faces

Sounds like real one na, just me and my friends doing some fun on beach ! We made some funny mud faces there !

Funny faces

Shower Curtain

curtain,shower curtain, window curtain, shower curtain rods

Diffrence of love !!!

Love, love runaway, flavor love, love making

Mathophobia - Study Skills

study skills, asian studies

Some of my friends are Useless

funeral for a freind, thomas friends, friend networking sharing

Pussy cat dolls Tourch light

Cats eyes, pussy cat doll, cat funny picture, funny cats, pictures of kittens cats

Optical Illusions House

Funny Skeleton Video Pictures

Motorcycle Accident - Illusions

motorcycle accident, motorcycle accident picture

Funny Shadow Fall Pictures

shadow fall, shadow pictures, light and shadow, shadow artsshadow people, shadow pictures

Pacman Skeleton

Pac-Man’s skeleton, Pacman Skeleton, pac_man_skeleton, pac-man-skeleton

Never wonder what Pac-Team the skeleton would resemble? The well apparent thus made the artist who created this. What do you think, it you capture the spirit of the true pac_man or is it right a circle with teeth? The skeleton of Pac-Man was created by the Nice fellow with the assistance of the paleontologist Francois Escuilie in 2002. They created it by observing human cranium and various predatory animal craniums. Skeleton is 35cm of diameter and facts of the plaster. The artist has several work, all the also odd one, but to interest nevertheless.

My Arts with Omelette and spoons

spoon, omelette recipe, omelette maker

Diffrence between Male and Female Brains

On many forums and sometime many friends asking the same question to many boys. like “Why do boys only think about s*x? Weird creatures..” Well, there is scientific reason behind for it. I have good one funny picture to prove that, what the biggest difference between male and female brains. :p

boys brain, girls brain

Computer Mouse Keyboard

micorsoft lates mouse, computer mouse, mouse keyboard

20 Toes, 20 Minutes

funny story about 20 toes just in 20 minutes

Math Exam and favories mutants

the turtles, math, exam, mutant. ninja turtles

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