Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bad Kitty a

Monday, May 28, 2007

Funny Monkey Pictures Kiss Prank

Funny videos, where some monkey lucky to kiss some girls. OMG, one of monkey just kissed like French boy… how they learn from it ? probably they copied the those couples who visiting the zoo looking for good one place where another human cant see, but monkey can see each and every action.

Funny Video - Waterbed testing

Ohh Mann! :D Thats so hilarious splash episode. I always watch “Just for laughs gags” on pogo just in free time. but still on net there are many videos which are fantastic. :D people are checking beds with their own way, own style, and they get surprise. ;) Just watch this funny video.

Superman Returns

Superman Returns, but thats now new way ! He fed up to work on newspaper channel. he want his family too, want to feed them also! So he is now in new profession ! He signing up with multinational company that those company can sell his tattoo pics, superman logo, wallpaper etc etc !

superman, superman returns, funny superman comic

Effective Birth Control Methods

Haha, cheap and permanently :P effective way to birth control methods.

birth control

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Daily Routine

Believe it or NOT! but you guys are bit bored so you are here with me and watching funny pictures. and after some time, you will surely do your daily routine :D :P !

guys daily routine

Scary Optical Illusion

Scary Optical Illusion, optical illusion, eye illusions

Look at this carefully, and wrong me if you find seven above girls there.. lol but first find there… there isn’t only a girls there in a haunted house.. there is mirror also ! I find this one scary optical illusion on optical illusions pages.

Moonlight Shadows Fall Couples Conversation

Cool one, moonlight shadows fall illusions ! After dating on garden thats good dare question whats girls asked his boyfriend. :P

shadows fall, moonlight shadow

Jesusillusion - Jesus Optical Illusion

Watch out, closely Jesus illusion ! You will see there all whole main jesus history story! Someway its really fantastic,to see thats kinda arts ! Jesus lord picture and his whole life story just in one illusions picture. On the left head side you can see jesus on the cross ! On main head there is jesus tomb.

jesus optical illusion, jesus, illusions

White Rabbit ? No its Chocolate Bunnies

easter bunny, bunnies, chocolate bunnies

NEO, Follow the white Rabbit :D ! bahh you just learned “The matrix” film dialogs. lola, :D its chocolate bunnies story… seems like some kids ate their butt and ear’s ! ehmm i can just say, yay its yummy !a

Jesus Christ Optical Illusion

One more wonderful Jesus Optical Illusion, i got it! Just stare a 10 seconds and you will see lord jesus christ!

Jesus illusion, Jesus, Optical Illusion

Not Funny But Wonderfull

Dunno, i cant stop my hand to post that one beautiful picture :) , hope you guys and gals like that one. Very beautiful picture, baby learning swimming.. under water. It gives me a shit of peace to my eyes.

swimimng baby with dad

Duck hunting or you hunting by duck ?

Cool one animal picture! Ghoose picking 200$ from that girls purse. Must be good trained from somewhere.. lol still is funny one to see in real live.

duck hunting, anaheim duck

Funny Advertisements Ads

funny advertisements - just do itfunny advertisements 2 - just did it

Whats going around on your Tv serials, when they breakup and show you same kinda funny ads ?
LOL, some are really funny ads, commercials. I got many funny commercials pictures in my emails, and collected from nets also. will try to make a new one category for specially this one. Till then either you can act Just Do IT or maybe 2nd one option.

Watch out if you trying Titanic Movie lover action!

Every time and everything is not going well, if you can’t care ! Its funny advertisement ! where couples trying to do like what kate winslet and jack did in titanic film !

titanic pictures, kate winslet titanic, titanic the movie

Guess Who Darling !!

funny pranks

Oh damn!!! I don’t even care ! LOL Seems like grandpa, and grandpa doing fun

Leather Sofas ? No its Weird Sofa

sectional sofa, funny sofa

Probably Its arts, but who would like to sit on snake sofas ? First a glance i thought its leather sofa variety. I was searching around net about sleeping sofa beds and i got this one weird funny stuff!

Decorative Pixies Pillows

This funny one Boobie Pixie Pillow is crocheted with worsted weight yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The nipples are rubber baby bottle nipples. The front is buff and the backside is camouflage. This pillow is a great gift for that person who has everything. It’s also great for resting your neck on.

Funny pillow, pixies pillows, pillow, yarn, camouflage, nipples

Ice Age Man - Arts

Summer day, going On.. and i want to go on any cool place where i can surf on ice, make ice man, play some games too.. i need a break too. I love white colors, white ice… ehmm some attraction thing with snow too :D ! Next time I will try to add some Ice cube arts, ice cream… or some amazing funny arts oh yeah you know about ” Ice Cream Parlor ” post one :D

ice age arts


Cool baby picture

pictureI'll rock you!

Bad Kitty




Bush CAN READ !!


Baby you are beatifull...

Baby you are beatifull

World is Cow ?

World is Cow ?

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