Sunday, July 1, 2007

Monica is needed here

Monica is needed herehey Bill, do you need to call Monica?

Doctor Advice

Doctor AdviceDoctor said : "Only one glass of alcohol a day" :))

Computer Forest

Computer Forest pictureRecycle old computers

Mona Lisa is dead

Best Mona LisaWhat a picture!!!

World Cup Show

Show me on TVwish granted!

PayBack Time

PayBack TimeFrank slept with my girlfriend about 4 years ago.
It's payback time!

Impossible Building Design

Building DesignThis is a fantasy

Windows Blue Screen

Windows Blue Screen CommentsWindows Blue Screen in a AIRPLANE!

Good keyboard

Good keyboardEverybody used this key sometimes

My shark friend

shark friend pictureMeet my best friend...

Pepsi Illusion

Pepsi lightnice picture

Gift from Iraq

Gift from Iraq Warif you what oil, you will get one too

Coffe tower

Got milk?

Harry Potter and first condom

Harry PotterTime passes and children's grow up!

Big fish

Best cold toolNice capture!

Sign in France

Sign in France Commentswhat would you do ?

Picture from Australia

Emergency Phone in AustraliaEmergency Phone

Smart Girl

Smart Girl pictureSleeping is good!

Toilet paper

Toilet paper picturethis gotta hurt baby!

Car Parking Picture

Car Parking Commentsman OR woman ?

Best fishing way

Best fisherNice fishing

Strong Child

Strong ChildDon't hit to hard!

Flying squirrel

flyCrash site

Sign picture

Sign pictureBe aware!

Cool bride picture

Cool bride pictureNice bride!

Zoo picture

Zoo pictureFeed the crocodiles!




CommercialNice !

Optical Illusion

Best cold toolCool tree

Cumming picture

Cumming pici think i would go to the right!

Kids in nature

Best cold toolcan you tell what is here ?

Flood Picture

floodhave fun!

Gas Price Solution

Best cold toolplease break the glass!

Rabbit Picture

rabbitlearn about yourself

Smoke kills

Best cold toolSecond hand smoke kills

Drive test picture

testYou are driving your car,
Are you allowed to stay bedind this bike ?


accidentIf you can ...


horse funlet's go to the beach!

Office 2010

Office 2010Future is here!


piercingdo you want ?

Tree House

tree housenice house for sale


beerI want beer!

Call Center

callBest Call Center

Fun Building

doorGet a Door!

Man Work

manworkmans can be womans!

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