Sunday, June 10, 2007

Welcome Message

Welcome Messagethere is a hidden camera under ?

Biggest Cola

Biggest ColaAre you thirsty ?

Crazy old woman

Crazy old womanI don't think she's crazy.
I think she's full of life.

Funny giraffe and Crazy zebra

Funny giraffeCrazy zebra! what are you doing there?

Garage Dream

Garage DreamThe Ultimate Road Rage Vehicle.



Ninja Killed

Best Ninja KilledSure... I understand you ...

Saudi Air Travel

Saudi Air TravelAirplane Crash or Terrorist attack ?

Global warming

Global warmingThe truth about "Global warming"

Downtown Proposal

Downtown ProposalDowntown Proposal for New Orleans
so... Twisted minds live among us...

Damn ugly

Damn uglyOh... God ... She's sooo ugly

Loosing time

Loosing timeDon't stay too long online!



Squirrel War

Squirrel WarHas begin the Squirrel War!
Squirrels around the world! Go to WAR!
(squirrel manifesto :)))

Wedding Photo

Wedding PhotoThe most beautiful day in your life...


Recycle powerGreen Power


fitnessFitness for lazy people


FloodNasty water!



Install your fan on motherboard

Best cold tool

Child haircut


Recycle man


Deer Hair

Deer HairDeer Hair

Digital Camera

Best cold tool5.5 Terapixels !!!!Digital Camera

Come a little closer

Come a little closerAds

Funny transportation

Funny transportationI want a girl too

Decorative Pixies Pillows

This funny one Boobie Pixie Pillow is crocheted with worsted weight yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The nipples are rubber baby bottle nipples. The front is buff and the backside is camouflage. This pillow is a great gift for that person who has everything. It’s also great for resting your neck on.

Funny pillow, pixies pillows, pillow, yarn, camouflage, nipples

Ice Age Man - Arts

Summer day, going On.. and i want to go on any cool place where i can surf on ice, make ice man, play some games too.. i need a break too. I love white colors, white ice… ehmm some attraction thing with snow too :D ! Next time I will try to add some Ice cube arts, ice cream… or some amazing funny arts oh yeah you know about ” Ice Cream Parlor ” post one :D

ice age arts

Funny Puppy

funny puppy picture

Catwomen vs Daredevil

I’m not sure what is funnier, the look on the dogs face, or the fact that his little wee-wee is sticking out :P . Seems like in any movie catwomen was followwing the daredevil dog and he hidden behind the door to escape from black cat.

dog vs cat spy

Funny Cats

funny cats, cats funny pictures, funny pictures of cats

funny cats, cats love pictures, funny pics of cats

funny cats 2, really funny cats, funny sayings by cats

Wild beautiful girls - Future Genatics Woman

Today are Neno technology day. day by day scientist getting success over death and other dangerous illness. Its good effect and bad effect although in human life. we are not far away from when “mission impossible 3″ movie will come true really. We already getting success to make human clone.

Horse genetics

door girl next, girl gone wild

but with the help of biology genetic, we human will divide into many category.. like you seeing below human horse, who have hands, but not a really one human. Its possible, somewhere its already being alive. Now just imagine whats the future of beautiful girls and sexy woman. Even there is no wonder if you heard the news “The First Human Male Pregnancy”… So you want to see future woman? :D check whole story….

Not Funny But Wonderfull

Dunno, i cant stop my hand to post that one beautiful picture :) , hope you guys and gals like that one. Very beautiful picture, baby learning swimming.. under water. It gives me a shit of peace to my eyes.

swimimng baby with dad

Moonlight Shadows Fall Couples Conversation

Cool one, moonlight shadows fall illusions ! After dating on garden thats good dare question whats girls asked his boyfriend. :P

shadows fall, moonlight shadow

Jesusillusion - Jesus Optical Illusion

Watch out, closely Jesus illusion ! You will see there all whole main jesus history story! Someway its really fantastic,to see thats kinda arts ! Jesus lord picture and his whole life story just in one illusions picture. On the left head side you can see jesus on the cross ! On main head there is jesus tomb.

jesus optical illusion, jesus, illusions

Optical Illusion for Male

Wohh, i just got find from by my friend. we were discussing and looking some crazy optical illusions, and he send me that one funny picture. :D ! Its surely really work for male. lol

Funny optical illusion, optical illusion picture

Which one is you ?

LOL, when am posting this one funny pictures, me and my best friend are talking about this one funny picture. Sorry guys and gals, i posting after two weeks, just was looking for humor pictures, and also busy with family. So.. which one is you :p ? that funny girl or that funny Dog ? :D

funny dog picture

Pacman Skeleton

Pac-Man’s skeleton, Pacman Skeleton, pac_man_skeleton, pac-man-skeleton

Never wonder what Pac-Team the skeleton would resemble? The well apparent thus made the artist who created this. What do you think, it you capture the spirit of the true pac_man or is it right a circle with teeth? The skeleton of Pac-Man was created by the Nice fellow with the assistance of the paleontologist Francois Escuilie in 2002. They created it by observing human cranium and various predatory animal craniums. Skeleton is 35cm of diameter and facts of the plaster. The artist has several work, all the also odd one, but to interest nevertheless.

Game Over

Game OverGetting Married it's a Game Over!
Fat ugly killer bride

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