Sunday, September 9, 2007

Life-funny pic

Panic-funny pic

A big hug-funny pic

today-funny pic

Crying Child-funny blog

Crying ChildCrying Child and his crying doll
Random fun: Crazy boy | Pig Girl

Stupid mirror-funny blog

Stupid mirrorFunny Stupid mirror
She should buy a new one

Elephant Practices-funny blog

BasketballElephant Practices his Basketball Skills
Bikini Art | Bad Bad Santa

George Heart-funny blog

George HeartGeorge Bush Heart

Horse-funny blog

HorseHorse Powered Car

Fart-funny blog

Fart funnyFunny Fart picture

Bad Bad Santa-Picture funny

Bad Santa
Where the .... are you looking ?
Bad Santa!!!!

Man Power-Picture funny

Man PowerWhy Women Live Longer Than Men

Rock-Picture funny

rock funnyFunny Rock

Drive Thru-Picture funny

Drive Thru"Drive Thru Open" at Taco Bell

Baby drinks-Picture funny

Baby drinksI hope that it's not a beer...

Romeo and Juliet-Funny Pictures

Romeo and JulietRomance is in the air

Funny Hat - Funny Pictures

Funny HatHey lady! I love your hat!

Ugly Face - Funny Pictures

Something funnyI just can't believe it! But this ugly face it's true!

Hell Woman

Hell funny"HELL!!! Hell!!! HELLL!!!!" (help ?)

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