Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ha Ha..the cat's reaction..simply priceless!

Tiger Wood's new yacht!

How to make your neighbour angry!

What do you make of these pictures?

Ever heard of an underwater Roadway? Here you are!!

Innovative photography or innovative photo-edition?

What the hell is this dude doing?!! Thinks he is a major DJ huh? Ended up burning his hands on the gas burner!

Ha Ha! Caught red-handed....

.....and red-eared too!!!

Access denied huh

The school photograph!

Looking into a mirror isn't a very good idea!

Can't find anything to wear? Try this!

Custom made toothbrushes

o one knows their customers better! Could make a pretty good ad!

Excellent ad! Damn innovative

Came across this very very unconventional ad for a coffee brand. The coffee cup is painted on a manhole cover. The steam coming out is from two holes on the manhole cover giving the impression of steaming hot coffee. And the text around the er.. coffee cup reads - The city that never sleeps WAKE UP! I dont know if I would like to drink coffee from that mug though!

Shit! Look at this suicide video

You forget, you pay...

Curtains please!

How do you hide an elephant?

Like this....

or maybe like this....

The best 'go slow' sign ever!

I bet this sign will make anyone slow down...

Mona Lisa was originally painted in Afghanistan...

...and this is how the painting actually looked! Very artistic. What a captivating smile!

A superb ad for kodak cameras!

A good one on the 'HOLY WAR'

You could get creative with toilet seats too!

(This one along with this one is an important toilet accessory for your sworn enemy)

Humiliating motorists

Have you ever been this tired?

Who said desktops aren't portable?

Parking lot full? No problem!

Good question

Who's sleeping? Who's not?

Sincere workers!!!

Marraige problems?

Bad Kitty


Every body is a critic !!!

Bush CAN READ !!

World is Cow ?

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