Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Call Center


Helping others


Coolest Computer Chair

Coolest Computer Chair

Have you ever been this tired? (Part 2 of 2)

Ha Ha! Caught red-handed....

.....and red-eared too!!!

Access denied huh?

Excellent ad! Damn innovative.

Came across this very very unconventional ad for a coffee brand. The coffee cup is painted on a manhole cover. The steam coming out is from two holes on the manhole cover giving the impression of steaming hot coffee. And the text around the er.. coffee cup reads - The city that never sleeps WAKE UP! I dont know if I would like to drink coffee from that mug though!

Some more funny ads


Western Union money transfer. Interesting word play.


The best : Save trees, 'cause trees save!

Custom made toothbrushes!

No one knows their customers better! Could make a pretty good ad!

Who said desktops aren't portable?

Have you ever been this tired?

Humiliating motorists

Curtains please!

How do you hide an elephant?

Like this....

or maybe like this....

The best 'go slow' sign ever!

I bet this sign will make anyone slow down...

Mona Lisa was originally painted in Afghanistan...

...and this is how the painting actually looked! Very artistic. What a captivating smile!

A superb ad for kodak cameras!

A good one on the 'HOLY WAR'

You could get creative with toilet seats too!

(This one along with this one is an important toilet accessory for your sworn enemy)

Newsman Confession

Caught on Tape!

Newsman Confession

Who ISN’T a Millionaire?

ho hum.. I think maybe this lady didn’t want to be a millionaire enough…

What wants to be a Millionaire

Say Hello to Darth Kitty!

Darth Vader and Hello Kitty

Funny Rambo

Funny RamboFunny picture of Rambo


fun revengeGirl friend revenge.

Driver licence

Driver licenceGot Your Driver's License?

Fashion model

skinny fashion modelOMG!
This skinny fashion model gives me the creeps...

Golf player

golf playerMonkey is winning!

Fart-funny blog

Fart funnyFunny Fart picture

Hell Woman

Hell funny"HELL!!! Hell!!! HELLL!!!!" (help ?)

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