Saturday, June 30, 2007


SuicideBat Suicide

Macintosh Island

Macintosh IslandThe private island of Steve Jobs

Mac Haircut

Best MACThe Cult of Mac

Space War

Space WarSpace War


BMWBMW in Woods!


SuperChildrenYour children can do the same ?

Stealing your car

car stealevery day a new method it's found !


Anti-theftyou never can be too carefully

Parking Lot

Parking Lotdo you know where your car it's parked ?


trashwoman on trash

Helping others

helpu can help too!

Big condom

Big condomBig big big condom! for your protection!

One big ball

One big ballyour car is insured ?

Coolest Computer Chair

Coolest Computer ChairI want one!

Hot Beer

Hot BeerA honest sign to consider

A Message From God

Message From GodHighway Message from God

New Building

buildingFrom the best engineers in the entire world!

New Parking place

New Parking placeyou can find a better parking place ?

Get a cold ?

Best cold toolBest cold tool!

Do not drink

Best cold toolDon't drink and fly!

Cooler failure

Cooler failureCheck your cooler!


Funny ButcherFunny Butcher

Surfing with sharks

Best cold toolit's time to go home...

Wishing for more

fun brainsnice brains you got there...

Good question

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