Monday, September 3, 2007

Funny Bikini

funnyFunny Bikini Picture

Happy Birthday Cake

Birthday CakeDamn Cake!

Funny T Shirt

T Shirt"I've got the pussy, I make the ..."
What do you make ?

Stupid Man in Rain

Stupid funnyBE stupid all the way to mall...

Bikini Art

Bikini ArtBikini Art

Hot Girl

Hot GirlOne hot girl with great breasts
I think he knows that...

Wedding shout

Wedding shoutCatch me ! Or Don't Throw me!

McDonalds Food

McDonaldsBest McDonalds for you is in an picture

Chicken Driver

Chicken funnyAre you a chicken driver?


Gift funnyBest wedding gift ever!

Ugly people

Ugly people
Ugly people
Ugly people
Ugly pictures

Adrenaline in Car


Pig Girl

Pig GirlPig Girl looks so sad...

Water melon

Water melonWater melon - Eat in a funny way

Are you my daddy

daddyfunnyHe need a father, and his mother needs a man
Daddy where are you?

Network Police

NetPoliceNet Police protection against virus and spyware

Scary Coca-Cola

colafunIf drinking Coca-Cola
makes you look like that I'll give up..

First ophthalmologic investigation

ophthalmologic-funnySerious ophthalmologic investigation:
What you see ?

Getting Notice

notice funnyThank you for noticing...

Not funny picture

funny pictureNot funny picture, just interesting

Pepsi vs Coca Cola

cola funPepsi v.s. Coca-Cola
Proof that Pepsi make Coca-Cola...

Keyboard error

Keyboard errorMicrosoft Keyboard error fix

How to Bj picture

How to BjI think she is reading a "How to" book

Mechanical genius

MechanicalMechanical genius or most stupid mechanic ?

Tuning for your car

Tun-carWhen tuning your car, avoid making large adjustments, like this :))

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