I love to pierce a tattoo in my body. In market tattoo artists are so professional with their designs . Mostly tattoo lover make a Celtic tattoos, Girls love butterflies tattoo, Angels and Fairy Tattoo. Crosses, Skulls, Hearts, Suns, Stars, Roses, Dragons tattoo love by men’s. Damn, i just researched and found many one funny pictures. ;)

Last Night i was looking some new designs for my body, since i bored my old one skulls tattoo. Suddenly thought how about to check some “FUNNY TATTOO” on net. Damn, people are so craze to pierce their body ;). They love arts and just want to become like a celebrity. Here are some funny pictures tattoos…. which makes you laugh and will give some pleasure. :D

Funny Tattoo Photosfunny tattoos 4Funny Tattoo Photos 1

funny tattoos 2